Google algorithms

There was a time when this website was at the top of Google’s search results.

Now you search for “Bert Garcia” and all these social sites pop up first. So the Bert Garcia with a Linkedin account has more clout than a 15 year old website, created on 2005-12-06, that has close to 600 articles.

Yes, I know Google likes fresh content, but does a website always have to be updated? If you want to go off of activity, find me someone who changes their Linkedin profile on a daily basis? Or someone’s CV after you receive an invitation from them to join Linkedin, no their info is locked up behind a password protected wall that Google’s spiders can crawl?

Since returning, this website has started to crawl back up from the 5th page of search results. Now I’m hanging round the second page, toying with front page status again. Not that I really care, it’s just annoying to dedicate time to a content filled website and then somebody fills out some fields on a form at a social site and they get top billing.

Let’s hope Google changes their algorithms and weighs websites more than social media sites, and let’s all pray that the Twitters and Facebooks of the world go away.

But it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise
I consider it a challenge before
The whole human race and I ain’t gonna lose