Google Chromecast

With a $5 gift certificate in hand, headed over to Best Buy and bought myself a Chromecast.

Google Chromecast

Hooked it up via HDMI and a powered USB port on the LG TV in the bedroom and have been streaming Netflix ever since. Before I purchased this marvel of miniaturization, we were watching Netflix in the bedroom via an HDMI cable running from a Windows laptop. Now I can use the Netflix Android app on my tablet, a lot more convenient than the web interface.

The televisions in our house have become nothing more than large monitors hooked to streaming devices. A PS3, a Wii, 2 laptops, and now a Chromecast determine the evening’s viewing choices. No more flipping endless cable channels trying to find something to watch, no more mind numbing commercials, more control on our end.

So far the Chromecast has worked flawlessly, no complaints. For the price of $35, it’s a great addition to our bedroom TV, worth every penny.

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