Great Value

Great Value

Went to my local Super Walmart yesterday to get some essentials, milk, bread, eggs, etc. When I arrived at the check out counter and began placing my items on the conveyor belt, I came to the realization that just about every item was a Great Value brand. Even though the packaging looks quite generic, the products contained inside taste just as good as the name brands.

We rarely eat out, fast food started getting me sick many years ago. As a survival mechanism, I learned how to cook, for those days when my wife needs a break. In the process, I began doing the buying for the meals I would prepare. At first I felt a bit awkward walking down the aisles with my grocery cart, but now I feel like a old pro.

Every man should learn food basics, you never know when you’ll need it. While my wife has the Rachael Ray 30 minute meal mentality, I take my time preparing meals with either a glass of wine or a bottle of beer as my companion. I find it quite relaxing to cook, I truly enjoy the whole process, I’m always experimenting, always tinkering.

I think of you and lick my lips
You’ve got the taste I can’t resist