Happy frozen New Year

Poor squirrels, their water supply is a Popsicle.

Frozen Bird Bath

With the bird bath looking like a block of ice and the fish pond inviting us to strap on our skates, the animals that frequent our backyard have no place to drink.

This is the coldest winter we’ve experienced in North Carolina, the large heating bill will confirm that.

As we huddle around the fireplace trying to keep warm, 2010 is starting off as a very sedentary year. Outdoor activities is limited to walking the dog on the icy lawn, our usual walks around the neighborhood have been postponed for the time being.

Gladly this winter season I kept my holiday eating to a minimum, the 15 pounds I gained last year took way too long to walk and ride off during spring and summer. I’m itching to start riding again, the forced time off has given me a new appreciation for my two-wheeled friends.

If I have any resolutions for this year, it’s to spend more time on the analog side of things. It’s a lot of fun on the digital side, and I’m always finding new things to accomplish, but grand kids grow up way too fast and the Internet will always be there.

You got the nicest North America
This sailor ever saw
I’d like to feel your warm Brazil
And touch your Panama