HeidiSQL - MySQL made easy

HeidiSQL is a lightweight, Windows based interface for MySQL databases.


Ever since I became involved with dynamic websites, phpMyAdmin has been my preferred MySQL tool of choice. In the past, I’ve looked for desktop tools but always ended up back at phpMyAdmin, never finding anything I liked.

This week I decided to look around again, to see what was available. I gave both commercial and free offerings a trial run, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Of all my trials, HeidiSQL was the one tool I was most impressed with. Written in Delphi, an Object Pascal compiler that was my IDE of choice many years ago, HeidiSQL was super fast on my Windows 7 desktop. Speed was at the top of my list of requirements, or else I would just stick with the web based tool I had used for so many years.

HeidiSQL being Open Source was just the icing on the cake, a free tool being actively developed with all the features I needed to work with MySQL databases. I was like damn, why didn’t I look around sooner? Don’t get me wrong, phpMyAdmin is an excellent web based tool for working with MySQL, but nothing beats a desktop app for rapidly developing locally.

Heidi, Heidi, Ho
The great big elephant is so slow
He moves his trunk from side to side
As he takes the children for a ride