Winter has us hunkered down, eating everything in site and not expending much energies. This year, during the cold months, I added about 15 lbs. to my physique, no jeans would fit me. I kept wearing these dark gray loose fit denim pants I had gotten at the Goodwill, with different shirts of course.

Spring brings a change in us, at least those living in places where the seasons change. Much of April has seen me outside working in the yard till the wee hours of the night, thanks to daylight savings time. Thankfully I’m about done, cause the temps are starting to feel like it’s summer already.

The cleanup of the back workshop and getting the yard in shape has expanded my choices in clothing, I’ve already lost 8 lbs. The last 7 lbs. will probably be off in the next couple of weeks, since I’ve started biking again.

Safe from the unknown sins out there
Live each day alone and scared