Holiday in Miami

Spent the holidays in Miami, I have the tan to prove it.

Zenaida, Fernando & Romeo

Thanks to our gracious hosts, Zenaida, Fernando and Romeo for having us over for sun and fun.

Spent most of my time outside, me and the dogs enjoying the warm weather. I would of stayed for longer, and our hosts were sad to see us go, but we had to get back and check on our house.

Now we’re back to freezing temps and ugly looking skies, I’m tempted to hop back in the car and head south again. Until then, we’ll have the pictures we took to remind us of the wonderful time we spent in beautiful Coral Gables.

My most vivid memory will be of the huge Hong Kong Orchid that shaded the side yard. We dubbed it the Tree of Power after Fernando decorated it with Christmas lights and we used it to power all our gadgets. Essential gadget #1 was the powerful Bose speaker with an attached MP3 loaded iPod. Visitors used the tree as a charging station for their smartphones, or to hook up their laptops.

The Tree of Power became the central party location, no longer were visitors using the front door, everyone came in through the side iron gate, knowing full well that Dude was most likely sitting under the tree smoking a hand rolled stogie and sipping on Spanish red wine.

So I’ve lived in my blind spot
Thought myself usual when I’m not
And your garden is a nice spot
As long as it is brave and where you are