HP 100B All-in-one PC

Santa picked up an HP 100B All-in-one PC at one of the few remaining Comp-USA outlets.

HP 100B All-in-one PC

My oldest son wanted a new computer for Xmas, but he was torn between a laptop and a full blown desktop. The bearded one surprised him on Xmas morning with an HP 100B, a nice compromise.

Bert Jr. mostly surfs the web and watches YouTube, so this computer more than keeps up with the tasks at hand.

The 100B came with 2GB of RAM, but I plan on putting another 2GB from Crucial for a mere $15. Since the on board display circuitry shares available RAM with the processor, 4GB should be sufficient for a bloat free Windows 7 running Firefox.

What an All-in-one PC gives you over a laptop is the large screen, a nice 20” display was what my son was yearning for, but he wasn’t keen on having a huge noisy tower in his room. I’ve yet to pop open the 100B, but I imagine it’s a laptop disguising itself as a desktop, since the disk drive, dvd drive and memory are all laptop related parts.

One good thing for me, since we have so many computers running in the house, is that the 100B is very energy efficient. Gotta keep that light bill in check.

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