iPhone 5 for mobile-friendly testing

Picked up an iPhone 5 off of Craigslist for mobile-friendly testing.

iPhone 5

The screen was cracked, but otherwise the phone was working fine. Replaced the cracked screen, did a factory reset and upgraded to iOS 9.1.

The phone was originally on Sprint, tried to activate it with a different sim, but according to Apple, Sprint has it locked up. Called in to Sprint, they told me to take it to a Sprint store. The store told me to take it to a phone repair shop to have it unlocked. The repair shop referred me back to Apple.

Hey, but at least I got it working on WiFi, so it’s a testing phone for now.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just me
Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy
But take a look at my family
Cause the apple don’t fall too far from the tree