iVoted 2010

With all this talk of a Republican Tsunami, I did my civic duty of filling up some sand bags.

I Voted

Even if the Republicans gain control of the House, how different would it be than it is now? With the Democrats controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate for two years, not very much was accomplished.

Rather than working for the people’s best interests, those in Washington worked for their best interests, or should I say their biggest campaign contributors.

Sadly, we live in a Fascist country now, corporations control the political process. The talking heads on some cable channels will put the fear of Socialism in people’s minds, but it’s a smoke screen to let the corporations amass more power.

Ignorance plays a huge role in the grand scheme of things, the education system pumps out students that can’t read or write, much less balance their checkbooks. They get in debt early on and spend the rest of their lives working to pay off credit cards with 18% interest.

My uncle and I argued one day about the state of this country. His side of the argument was that he could walk into any store and buy a baseball glove, which he couldn’t do in Socialist Cuba. Of which I replied, you’re talking about Capitalism and I’m debating Democracy.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength