Kiev, Ukraine is ablaze

Kiev Ablaze

Kiev is ablaze, has been for the last few months. Since it came to my attention, thanks to reddit, I’ve kept a livestream going at all times on one of my devices. Whether it’s Espreso TV on YouTube or EuroMajdan on Ustream, you get a front row seat to history in the making.

Long story short, it’s a fight between the people who want to join the the European Union, and the government – which is in Russia’s pocket, that wants to remain a Russian satellite. This is a struggle between people wearing hard hats armed with sticks and stones against heavily armored police with guns and tanks. The people’s only line of defense are bonfires fueled by tires and the occasional fireworks aimed at the police line.

What will be the outcome? It’s anybodies guess at this point. Will the people triumph or will the government retaliate as soon as the Sochi Olympics are over? Putin is not about to draw attention away from Sochi at this point, he will undoubtedly focus on the Ukraine as soon as the closing ceremonies are done. Next week will be very interesting, stay tuned.

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