Lenovo gets a memory upgrade

A year after buying the Lenovo K300 desktop, I felt it was time for a memory upgrade.

Crucial memory

Surfed over to the Crucial website, ran their System Scanner, and I was shown a webpage explaining my upgrade options. That’s when I saw $29.99 for 2 2GB sticks, throw in free shipping, how could I refuse? Placed the order last Friday, it arrived today in the mail.

This afternoon, I took off the side of Lenovo and surprisingly it was quite clean inside, but I sprayed some compressed air into it nonetheless. Snapped in the 2 memory sticks, closed up the computer and powered it back up. Control Panel reported 8GB of ram, success!

Upped the memory from 1Gb to 2GB in the VirtualBox settings for my Debian LAMP development virtual machine. Started up all my usual software applications, and had plenty of memory left over for more apps and vm’s. Feels like yesterday when 640K was enough ;)

Thanks for the memory
Of cushions on the floor
Hash with Dinty Moore
That pair of gay pajamas
That you bought and never wore