Let My People Vote 2012

On Sunday, 60 Minutes asked Mr. Romney what his big idea would be for his term in office should he win the presidency. Mr. Romney responded that he wants to restore the kind of freedom that allows America to lead the world.

Should he be elected, I would imagine Mr. Romney would immediately overturn voter suppression laws that his fellow Republicans have put into place in the states of PA, IN, FL, TN, MI, SD, ID, LA, KS, NH, and GA. Because the right to vote is the biggest freedom a Democracy has, or else we should just go ahead and label America a Plutocracy.

In a Plutocracy:

  • CEO Romney would immediately give favorable tax breaks to his rich donors so that they would have the freedom to trickle down their fortunes to those less fortunate.
  • CEO Romney would remove restrictions and amend tax laws so that large corporations can freely profit from the products and services they provide to the middle class.
  • CEO Romney would repeal current health laws so that the elderly and the sick have the freedom to die in emergency rooms.
  • CEO Romney would further redistribute wealth into the hands of the already super wealthy, freeing more dollars to be stashed overseas for a rainy day.

A healthy Democracy proclaims, let my people vote in 2012.

This was my home
All this pain and devastation
How it tortures me inside
All the innocent who suffer
From your stubbornness and pride