Merlin Bronques

Where were you last night?

Merlin Bronques

Back in 1999, I bought my first digital camera. I immediately appreciated the potential of this new instant media, taking hundreds of images was child’s play. Coupled with the emerging web, I could see us all being modern day photojournalists.

In 2004, I bought a Casio Exilim, a slim, sleek pocket camera that accompanied me everywhere I went. I especially had a lot of fun recording the nightlife in Miami, South Beach was hopping back then.

Since I ran my own web server, putting pictures on the web was rather easy. I couldn’t wait to get home and let the world see my travels that night. The gallery has since been moth balled, but I saw a lot of promise in this process, of us all being able to share our random experiences.

Today, we have Flickr, Picasa and you name it, but there’s a difference between putting up some vacation or birthday party pictures and recording a slice of time. The best example that I’ve found on the web of recording the experience is Merlin Bronques’ LastNightsParty.

Tonight I will dance on the graves of all my darkest days
And erase all the worries of all the time I wasted