On April 21, Google began rolling out the mobile-friendly update.

“We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results.”

That particular line, from that blog post, got me worrying. What am I going to do with all my sites? I’m not a web designer by trade, I’m a computer programmer. I rely on the good graces of web designers who give out their designs for free, and then I adapt them to run under my CMS. But it’s taken me quite a while to adapt freely available web templates to my sites, and the thought of redoing them all again was not a pleasant one. So I went looking for templates, this time with mobile-friendly in the search term.

Luck would have it, I ran across Start Bootstrap, all their templates were using the mobile-friendly Bootstrap framework. So I downloaded their 2 Col Portfolio template and started adapting it to my CMS.

What a surprise I had, first off it was really simple to adapt, and secondly, it’s mighty fast, really fast. Oh yeah, it’s mobile-friendly all right, my tablet can attest to that. So I kept going, adapting more templates, learning this whole framework business. Becoming self reliant by building a library of website structures.

Of the 50+ websites I run, that were not mobile-friendly on April 21, there’s 5 left on my to-do list. This site was checked off the list about an hour ago.

The bartender asks me says, “Son, what’ll it be?”
I want a shot at that redhead yonder lookin’ at me.