More money, more problems

Here's your VC money

There was a time, way back when the Net was young, that we just coded for the fun.

Oh how I miss those days, when we clickety-clacked into the wee hours of the night, we just couldn’t wait to see our creations go live. The childhood exuberance from playing with the new technologies at hand, the sharing of ideas with our mates.

That innocence of days gone by, well it’s been tainted by the high valuation properties. Should any genre of web service or web-based software gain a large audience, the other players pack it up and go home. There can never be another Facebook or Twitter, so why even try to compete, the current thinking goes.

The memo that it was all about the money, I never got. The addendum that if software X gains X amount of users, we should give up, I never read. The thought that it takes millions of dollars to compete on the Net today, I’ll never think.

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack…

Five double oh, here’s my phone number
Your man ain’t got to know, I got the dough