Mute the Commercials

Where’s the flag for unnecessary torture?

Shut the #*@% up!

Six hours of football equates to roughly 5 hours of loud repetitive commercials. I don’t need to see the same commercial 15 times, my nauseated head thanks the little crossed out speaker button.

Return from commercial after a score, team kicks off, back to commercials. It’s not until the drive starts that we get to see replays of the last score. 3 plays and out, back to the same commercials I already saw.

Sports is the only thing keeping people from cord cutting?

You hear that a lot, no I can’t cut off cable, where will I watch my football? Apparently not in your living room. No, we have to watch endless car and truck commercials, apparently we love McD’s now, need another beer while I’m waiting for the game to resume. Yes, the average American has a 10 car garage, does not care about the food they consume, and has a penchant for watered down beer.

What’s up with the TV networks? It’s not like the current paradigm is changing and they’re milking it for all it’s worth. Let me go back to Netflix and resume watching where I left off in season 2 of “Dinosaurs”, without commercials.

Come one, come all
Into 1984
Yeah, three, two, one
Lights, camera, transaction