Nascar 2403

Tony ‘Smoke’ Stewart wins the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Championship.

Tony Stewart, karting champ at 12

Passing a total of 118 cars in Homestead with wild abandon, Tony wins his 5th race of the chase and takes home his 3rd championship trophy.

Staying a mere second in front of Carl Edwards during the last 40 laps, it was the most thrilling end to a Nascar season that I’ve ever witnessed.

Tony and Carl were tied with 2403 points at the end of the season, but Tony took home the trophy by having the most wins in the chase.

Congrats to Mr. Stewart and the whole #14 team.

The Homestead event was the first race of the season that I watched from start to end, you can say I’ve lost interest in Nascar. The only reason I tuned into this last race was because of Tony Stewart. From Tony’s daring race antics, to his nonchalant attitude towards Mike Helton when receiving the trophy, I was not disappointed.

I love to watch racing, if it has wheels and it’s going fast, I’m tuning in. Here’s to hoping that Tony can take Nascar back to it’s roots, back to the days when I felt excited to tune in.

He got a tattoo on his arm that say “Baby”
He got another one that just say “Hey”
But every Sunday afternoon
He is a dirt track demon in a ’57 Chevrolet