Nook Color running CM7

Nook Color running CM7

Wanting a tablet for Christmas, I settled on a refurbished Nook Color for $149. Loaded CyanogenMod’s CM7 on a Sandisk 4GB class 4 MicroSD card and booted off the card, leaving the Barnes and Noble experience alone. The Nook Color has been my primary computing device for the last couple of weeks, as I hit the road to visit friends and family.

With an overclocking kernel in CM7, the Nook has been running at the Max of 1100 MHz from the stock 800 MHz with no issues. At that speed, the Nook feels like a much more powerful tablet, breezing through web pages in Dolphin HD and playing Angry Birds with ease.

Battery life is excellent, the WIFI chip in it can pick up a hotel signal from a McDonald’s across the street, and the screen, what can I say other than the pictures I took on holiday with my Nikon D40 looked incredible on the Nook.

When I get a chance this week, I’ll load up CM7 on the internal memory, and free up the MicroSD slot for a Lexar 16GB class 4 card I have loaded with pictures and videos. I’ve run CM7 long enough to know it’s a solid release and it deserves to run on faster access times. I couldn’t be happier with the Nook, that is until I put Ice Cream Sandwich on it.

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