Occupy your Keyboards

While perusing the comments on a Rush Limbaugh news article, I saw someone exclaim “Occupy your Keyboards” to the other pissed off commenters.

Rush Limbuagh at WIXZ

When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut”, he let loose a torrent of very mad people. In today’s heavily connected world, I can’t believe Rush said that word followed by other derogatory statements the next day. Rush might of felt above it all last week, but with advertisers bailing on him left and right this week, he’s just run head on into the new social media.

Rush having his advertisers leave him is one thing, but I truly believe he just gave the election to Obama. The Republicans had an outside chance of winning, but now the women of the Net are organizing against the right using Rush as their poster child.

You deserve my wrath, deserve to suffer
Deserve to feel what I felt
The features are different
The mask of beauty is fissured
And lets appear insane baseness of your soul