Ode to a folding desk

Oh how I miss thee!

Folding Desk

When I initially setup my home office, before our furniture had arrived, a simple folding desk from Office Depot sufficed. As the furniture arrived, I decided to put all my office related stuff in the back workshop, I would get to the office after I finished with the house.

Once the house was done, it became apparent that my choice of the sun room as an office wasn’t going to allow much of my stuff to make the voyage from the back. It was a good compromise, I got a nice view, but I would have to fit in with the new decor.

The folding table became my last bastion of rebellion, or was it comfortable to work on, either way, I neither shopped for a desk, nor liked any one shown to me. This went on for years until a few months ago, I folded.

Put the server into headless mode and cleared out my presence from the sun room, I would roam the grounds wirelessly.

This past week we spotted a desk, I miss the view.

It’s a pleasure to see it’s waiting there for me
To keep my hopes alive