Philips VoIP 151

Needed a better way to talk on Skype.

Philips VoIP 151

Spent a while researching phones to use with Skype, I wanted a Wi-Fi model but settled on the USB connected Philips VoIP 151 phone.

Philips loads a sound driver, that once properly configured, handles all the sounds coming to and from Skype. The phone sounds fine, I can hear the other party and they can hear me.

The phone rings rather loud, so no more missed calls because the computer speakers are playing music at a low level. There is access to your contacts from the phone, it’s like a remote control to Skype and it works well.

Belkin, Philips, Netgear and IPEVO all had Wi-Fi offerings but no model stood up to user reviews. I’m hoping that 2010 brings new choices, so I can carry my phone around the house and take it with me when I travel.

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