Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Got an off-contract smart phone, arched neck syndrome can’t be far behind.

Now that we’re all mobile-friendly, and all future sites are to be based on Bootstrap, I needed a mobile device for testing purposes.

Firefox Developer Edition provides a Responsive Design View mode in their web developer tools menu, but bare metal beats emulation any day of the week.

Tweaks to the Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Factory wipe and reset
  • Disable vendor installed bloat
  • Install Nova Launcher in place of TouchWiz.
  • Tap the build number 7 times for developer options.
  • Turn off all user interface animations.
  • Install Google keyboard and camera.
  • Pick a black wallpaper to save battery.

With Airplane mode on, cell pinging is not eating up battery life. Location and everything else not needed for basic web surfing has been turned off.

The phone came with 32 GB of internal storage, I inserted a 32 GB SanDisk Ultra Class 10 into the MicroSD slot for breathing room.

The S5 is now the fastest Android device in the house, a dubious distinction.

Goin’ mobile
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