Sid at 64

Were it not for Vista, I would of bought a new desktop this Xmas.


Multi core processors, gigabytes of ram and terabytes of disk space is rather tempting for a tech junkie like myself. Hardware is at a very attractive price point, it’s just the default operating system every manufacturer installs onto their machines that I have issues with.

Windows XP is the last Microsoft operating system that I care to wrestle with. I’ve been dealing with issues since Windows 1.0, I don’t want to learn a new version, I’ve had enough. Vista brings nothing to the table except DRM specific hooks, I don’t want to jump through hoops just to play my media, no matter how freaking good the theme looks.

The laptop is dual booting into Debian Sid AMD64, I’m copying over what I need from the WinXP partitions, preparing for a new desktop.

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