After 3 years with Vonage, my faith in VoIP was cemented.


This week, I made the switch to Skype to save money and have more options. Vonage was costing me $30 a month, Skype is costing me $30 a year.

With a computer in practically every room of the house, there is no need for a cordless phone. Just put on a headset and talk away, or use the computer’s speakers and a webcam’s built-in microphone to carry on a hands-free conversation.

We have pay-as-you-go cell phones, so family and friends can still get a hold of us. But if we decided to give up the brain tumor devices, we can opt for an online number from Skype, which would allow traditional phones to dial a set of digits and my laptop would start ringing.

Ever since I saw the video phone in action at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, I’ve wanted one for my house. Fast forward 45 years and Skype with an attached Logitech cam gives me my dream video phone.

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