Spring, are we sure this time?

Groundhog Day 6 O'Clock

Woke up this morning to warm weather, a far departure from the last few weeks of supposedly early Spring but all we got was Winter weather. Back in February Phil said we’d be in a warmer place real soon, but we’ve had to re-live the same cold day over and over and over again.

Hopefully, fingers crossed and all that, we can start to work on the yard this week and get out of the house. I think we can all use some Vitamin D on our skin cause we’re molting everywhere, our keyboards could use a shot of compressed air.

Let’s hope that we do have a Spring this year and not an early Summer like we’ve had for the last couple of years. I’m all for warmer weather but not of the skin melting or the let’s check if those pores are working types of heat.

“Go West, young man”, is a quote that’s been resonating in my mind ever since I was a kid. Maybe it’s time to change coasts, I hear the weather in Cali is awesome.

I got flowers in the spring
I got you to wear my ring
And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
And if I get scared, you’re always around