Spring cleaning

Last spring, I began my quest to clean up the back workshop. One thing led to another and summer saw rows of boxes left unopened. This spring, the rows of boxes are no more but I have stacks of electronics to deal with.

Video Wall

Whatever I care not keep, Goodwill is the recipient of. They’ll take anything, as evidenced when I showed up yesterday with my Rover full of plastic bags filled with clothes, blankets, dolls and stuffed toys. The attendant didn’t even bother to open the bags, he just took them off my hands and placed them in shopping carts.

The TV’s, VCR’s, CD + DVD players, stereos, amplifiers, satellite receivers and assorted electronics are finding it hard to find their way to a new home. They’ll be the last to leave, for now, I’m having fun playing Best Buy.

We watched North Carolina win the NCAA tournament on the new video wall, while drinking beer and smoking cigars under roof. Argh Argh Argh!

A little bird, he told me so
He said come on, get on the go