Spring cleaning our pond

The Pond

This past winter was harsher than normal, I couldn’t wait to clean out the pond to see what fish had survived the frozen waters. With the use of a pool skimmer, I kept the majority of fall’s leaves from sinking to the bottom, so I knew there wasn’t much muck but the water was a bit cloudy. In the mornings the fish were at the surface gasping for air, a pond full of fresh water would be most welcome.

Yesterday after doing the lawn, I pointed the water fall outlet towards the drain and watched the green pond water irrigate the backyard. While the pond was emptying I hosed down and brushed off the sides. I wanted to get as much of the dirty water out, leaving just enough so the fish wouldn’t die. When the water reached about a foot of depth, I used the skimmer to scoop up any debris from the bottom of the pond.

The pump filter needed constant cleaning as debris clogged up the mesh protecting it’s inlets. With about 6 inches of water left in the pond, the pump wasn’t sucking up much water out so it was time to start adding back fresh water. Two and half hours later, the pond was full of fresh smelling and clear water. The fish came alive swimming around in schools, every so often putting themselves at the mouth of the water hose to get their intake of oxygen.

A song I heard the ocean sing
A shining light in darkness deep
I prayed a prayer into the tide
And both they soothed me in my sleep