Spring thaw arrives

Beautiful weekend for walking, biking and doing yard work.

Blue Heron by McAlpine Pond

The sound of lawn mowers filled the air, walkers and bikers took to the nature trails. It was truly the first weekend to spend your time outside.

Walking in the mornings, biking in the afternoons and working on the yard all day Saturday was how I spent my weekend. Next up is to dust off the barbeque grill for dinners out by the pond.

The backyard pond is coming alive, the fish are coming up for morning food. I wonder how many more were born or died during Winter?

My whole body was hurting this morning as I got out of bed, but it felt like a healthy pain, a thawing of the muscles if you will. Now it’s time to get back in real shape, the shape that allows me to fly my mountain bike around the nature trails that surround my neighborhood.

As you get older, the Winters can be hard on your body, but it’s the renewing of Spring that makes it all worthwhile. When I lived in Florida, it was the same warm weather year round. There was no break from the humidity, no changes in atmosphere to speak of, a sort of dull ho-hum of an existence. I might end up back in Florida one day, the customary migration of the blue hairs, but for now, I’m truly enjoying the change in seasons.

Do you care what’s happening around you?
Do your senses know the changes when they come?
Do you see yourself reflected in the season?
Do you understand the need to carry on?