Spring time in Charlotte

No please, not the humdity of South Florida again ;)

La Palma

Spring is a great time to be in North Carolina, it feels like the air conditioner is on in the backyard. The trees have new leaves, bringing shade to our afternoon Stella breaks.

Spent the last month working on the yard. The goldfish in the pond are going to miss my morning feedings, or will I miss their tranquil effect on me?

The McAlpine is almost ready for visitors, so I’m riding again. You can get around the construction, at least there’s not these huge holes in the trail where they were laying down the sewer pipe.

Cuando calienta el sol aqui en la playa
Siento tu cuerpo vibrar cerca de mi
Es tu palpitar, es tu cara, es tu pelo
Son tus besos, me estremezco, oo, oo