Star Trek at the IMAX

My first time to an IMAX theater.

Star Trek

After reading all the good reviews of the new Star Trek movie, both in mainstream media and comments on torrent sites, we loaded up the car and headed to our local IMAX theater.

The first thing we said to ourselves was why is the screen so small, we thought an IMAX experience screen is huge. Paying $15 a head made us feel a bit uneasy, but we decided to wait till the film started before seeking a refund from the manager.

When the film began, it felt like a hi-def movie, like watching HDNet on my LCD TV. The sound was good, it surrounded us but I feel bombs going off in my own family room from my home theater system. What kept us glued to the seats was Star Trek, it was a very good movie, especially for us old time fans that started watching it on the small screen.

Was it worth the $15? Would I go see Transformers in June? To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I think I’d rather pay the regular ticket price in a new state of the art digital theater.

Beyond the rim of the starlight
My love is wandering in star flight
I know he’ll find in star clustered reaches
Love, strange love a star woman teaches

I know his journey ends never
His star trek will go on forever
But tell him while he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me