SteelSeries Sensei Raw

Needed a new mouse, decided on a gaming mouse.

SteelSeries Sensei Raw

The SteelSeries Sensei Raw caught my eye as I was perusing the online offerings at Best Buy. For some reason it looked awesome, now that I have it in my hands, it feels like a very solid mouse.

When I downloaded and installed the appropriate software, I was prompted that the mouse needed a firmware upgrade. I was like, what?

This is the first mouse that I’ve ever owned that could get firmware upgrades, I should of ventured into the gaming aisle a long time ago.

Even the cord is different, wrapped in cloth, it feels like I’m moving a clothing iron around, rather than a mouse. I’ve gone through quite a bit of mice in my time, I have a plastic bin dedicated to dead mice, mostly left clickitist. Since this mouse is a gaming mouse, it stands to reason that the mouse buttons should hold up longer, than say a consumer tiered offering.

Time will tell how long the LED flashes on Trigger mode.

Hey, do the mouse, yeah
Hey, you can do it in your house yeah
On the rug, or on the wall
If your folks get bugged do it in the hall