Thanks, Obama!

When an Internet Meme gets way out of hand.

Thanks, Obama!

Whatever online property you happen to frequent, be it a news site, discussion forum or one of the many social media destinations, you’ll always find someone ready to exclaim Thanks, Obama!

Without fail, on any comment thread, on any subject, you’ll find the right-wing ready to pounce. It’s already become rather comical, and it’s to the point where it’s starting to work against their intended purpose. Rather than get people to join in the lambasting of the POTUS, it’s just starting to piss people off. Thanks, Fox News!

The whole staff at Fox News has such disrespect for the office of this presidency, and it’s obviously showing in their viewer’s online tirades. Instead of referring to Barack Obama as the President, the so-called news reporters refer to our leader as this or that guy. I mean all the Dixie Chicks had to do was say they were ashamed to be from Texas, and they got blacklisted.

Isn’t civil discourse what separates the United States of America from a Banana Republic? Is the USA still the greatest country on this earth? So why is a vast swath of it’s citizens acting like they belong in flip flops cutting sugar cane?

Down to the Banana Republics
Down to the tropical sun
Go the expatriated Americans
Hoping to find some fun