Last night, I watched the Democratic National Convention on C-SPAN.

Michelle Obama at the DNC

This was the unfiltered live feed, with no commentators or commercials to speak of. I did flip to CNN and MSNBC to check on their coverage a few times, but I lasted only a few seconds before flipping back to C-SPAN.

There were important speeches given and videos shown last night, with moving, touching moments that were preempted by the major news organizations while they interviewed their so-called experts. Maybe there are those in the populace that need plain English sentences explained to them. Or maybe this nation lacks an attention span, cause sitting through a twenty minute speech is just too much to ask.

Why don’t we just forget about going out to vote in November and just let Wolf Blitzer or Candy Crowley pull the switch for us all, sound like a plan?

Michelle, ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Très bien ensemble