The face of Nascar

While rain fell on Daytona Beach on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, Fox analyst Darrell Waltrip interviewed Danica Patrick, telling her that she was the new “face of Nascar”.

Danica Patrick crashes at the Daytona 500

Two laps into the Daytona 500, Danica turns left into David Ragan as she freaks at the site of Jimmy Johnson’s battered car blocking the track. Ragan, with no control of his car at this point, plows into Johnson, followed by Patrick. Involved in 3 crashes in 3 races during Speedweeks, yes Danica is the new face of Nascar.

Crashing is the new Nascar, a boring 30 car draft for the whole duration of the 500 is the new Nascar, and a commercial break after every couple of laps of racing is the new Nascar. But hey, let’s look on the bright side, some of those commercials have a scantily clad Danica in them.

Rubbin’ is racing, a real life Cole Trickle, I’m so excited!

Oh, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I’d see you again