The Fire Pit

Tia gave us an early Xmas present.

Fire Pit

Thanksgiving was spent alongside the warmth of our new backyard fire pit.

All the twigs and branches that have fallen from the trees over the last six months fuel the pit. When we need a little extra oomph, we throw in a bucket of dried leaves from the many mounds we’ve accumulated in the backyard.

At the rate we’re going, the backyard will be free of debris in no time.

There’s a calming effect that only the flames from a fire can give you. We have a gas fireplace in the house, but the distinct odors and crackling sounds that come from burning wood are worth the effort. The above photo has a piece of birch wood releasing it’s incense.

Thanks to Tia, sitting outside in the evenings makes us feel like we’re camping out in a distant forest. Now where’s my tent and that bag of marshmallows!

And I swore we’d put this all behind us
And one day the fire pit would remind us
Not of this night only
But of others after