The InterTubes are being drained

What a week we’ve had in the InterTubes.

WikiLeaks Logo

First the government seizes 82 domains suspected of peddling counterfeit goods. Then the question of Net Neutrality is heading for a vote with vast consequences for all of us that hold this new medium with such high regard. If that wasn’t enough to keep us debating for months, WikiLeaks starts releasing communiques between diplomatic embassies.

The idea that the government can shut anyone down as they see fit, and give preferential bandwidth to those corporations with deep pockets goes against the very nature of an open Internet. That is why WikiLeaks is being mirrored by so many people without regard to the consequences they may incur, either we’re all on equal footing or else I dare not speculate.

Bullying corporations like Amazon, PayPal and EveryDNS so as to silence WikiLeaks did nothing but cause a boycott of said services. Threatening college students and government employees if they should read or discuss any of the leaked messages did nothing but incur their curiosity.

What I truly feel is that those governing us haven’t a clue as to what the Internet really is, or how powerful we the people are.

There is nothing wrong with your television set
Do not attempt to adjust the picture
We are controlling transmission