An insignificant or bothersome person.

The Twits

Yesterday, I decided to check up on people’s blogs to see how they were doing. To my surprise, the vast majority of the content was stale, months old.

I wondered what the hell was going on, and then I saw it, the Twitter icon or sidebar feeds led me to their activity. I decided to peruse their tweets, but I came away with very little information to tell you the truth. With 140 characters you can’t say much, but I guess it’s good reading for those that lack an attention span.

Sad, I thought. We had just spent the last decade fighting for openness and the right to hold on to our own data, yet here was everybody entering their personal thoughts into a freaking service.

What will happen when someone the likes of Rupert Murdoch decides to buy up Twitter? Will everyone rush back to their blogs and try to salvage their user base or give it up and return to MySpace?

Here’s my Twitter account, but follow me here.

In other words, let nature take its course and do its bit
For the sake of those concerned with own dear permissive
Dear permissive twit