Vinyl Sale

My vinyl record collection is up for sale.

Vinyl record collection

There a total of 885 records, mostly first pressings of the Rock and Roll era. They are all in great shape, no scratches on the vinyl and the covers are intact. I will be doing an inventory tomorrow and providing a spreadsheet to whomever is interested.

The record collection started in earnest in 1973, when I moved to Miami from New York. At the end of the work week, I would cash my paycheck and head to Peaches to buy the latest offerings from my favorite artists of the time.

On the way home I would stop at our neighborhood grocery store, “El Chino”, and buy me a bottle of Marques de Riscal. When I arrived home, I would shower and sit down to enjoy an album and a bottle of wine.

Today, my whole music collection is in digital form, and though I play my records at parties, or when I feel nostalgic for that needle drop, the records sit collecting dust.

Should you be interested in this collection, email bertgarcia dot com @ gmail dot com.

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