Visit Cuba

Realtor has been summoned, time to get closer to Cuba.

Visit Cuba

With the wonderful news that diplomatic relations with Cuba will be established, it’s time to cash out my property in Charlotte and get to Miami.

This is a great opportunity for us Cuban Americans to assist in the rebuilding of our homeland. Yes, the Castro regime is still in charge, but that’s not going to last long with open internet.

Flights and boat trips to Cuba will be a lot cheaper soon. I can’t wait to be smoking a hand rolled Cuban cigar and sipping on Santiago de Cuba rum while I gaze over el Malecon.

Spending those renegade pesos on a bottle of rum and a lime

Finally, 11 million Cubans suffering due to a 50 year old embargo will be given a chance to join the 21st century. My only regret is that we’ve lost 2 generations waiting for such a day, my mother would of been so happy, my grandfather in tears.

Thank you Pope Francis, thanks Obama ;)

Down to the Banana Republics
Down to the tropical sun
Go the expatriated American
Hopin’ to find some fun