WD20EZRX - 2TB Green Drive

After 3 1/2 years, Lenovo needed some more disk space.


Prices have finally come down, none too soon since I was running out of disk space. With some price matching, I got a Western Digital 2TB Green Drive for $79 at Best Buy.

The drive is perfect for my desktop, low power consumption and whisper quiet. You can hardly hear the machine unless you’re copying massive amounts of data, and then you may hear some faint disk arm movement.

Now with 2 hard drives, Lenovo has plenty of life left.

Spent the weekend jockeying data around. There was data all over the network on various machines that I consolidated on the 2TB drive. A total of 400GB made it’s way to the new drive, freeing up space on other platters.

There’s a feeling of being able to breathe again, like there’s ample space to roam. My music takes up the bulk of my data, followed by personal photos and videos. There’s also software, linux distros, and archives of old data that accumulate over time.

To think my first personal computer had 10MB of disk space.

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