Why Textpattern?

Textpattern Carver

Why Linux?
Why FreeBSD?
Why Mac OS X?
Why run an operating system other than Windows?

Windows 7 is purty, it’s very easy to operate, and there’s millions of software applications written for it. The installed base of Windows is over 1 billion and counting.

Why Textpattern?
Why run a website and not use WordPress?

WordPress 3.1 is purty, it’s very easy to operate, and there’s thousands of templates and plugins written for it. The installed base of WordPress is over 27 million and counting.

Why then do I run Textpattern? One word, security. I feel secure in running Textpattern, where I would feel queasy in running WordPress. The argument that the installed base of WordPress attracts more script kiddies doesn’t hold water in my case. You see, I run PHPXref, a cross reference library of PHP applications, and I’m bombarded every day by exploits meant for those PHP apps I have cross referenced. PHPXref is the most attacked Textpattern website on the web, and it’s still serving pages after 5 years.

Textpattern may not be all that purty, but neither is Linux or BSD, yet the world wide web runs on these operating systems. It never ceases to amaze me that web developers, who mostly run Mac OS X, and claim it’s superiority to Windows every chance they get, would run WordPress. You would think that the same logic used to pick their operating system of choice would be used to pick their website software.

So I’ll continue running Textpattern for my websites, and claim it’s superiority to WordPress every chance I get. Maybe I’ll sway one person to make the switch, and that person may sway another, and so on. In much the same way that Linux grew it’s audience, one geek at a time.

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