You are free to roam

That is if you have a fuel efficient automobile.

Honda Civic

Leased a 2011 Honda Civic, and as soon as the new tags arrived, we packed the trunk and headed out on the road. Hadn’t taken a drive in a while, with gas costing upwards of $3.00, taking my 1991 Range Rover on a trip was not an option.

We decided to head south, to warm our bodies in the Florida sun. It worked, when we arrived back in Charlotte, we didn’t feel that cold anymore. Maybe it’s time to invest in another home, one where we can escape the winter blahs. At least it’s cost effective now, with home and condo prices in Florida coming down to normal levels.

Rather than being torn between the mountains and beaches, we can have the best of both worlds, without paying the premium that is California.

We’ll do things and
We’ll go places
All around the world